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Free Bread Outreach

We have an abundance of food that comes in and out every day. We serve approximately 140+ people weekly. A part of our ministry is bread. We get bread about every two weeks and depending on how much we get we immediately set out to distribute it. Bread is a sensitive item that if it is not distributed in a timely fashion it can turn bad quickly or mold. As a result the instant we get any bread orders I do what I do and instantly set forth and set up at various locations to give out free bread and bakery items or whatever perishable items that we have. It is a great way to build relationships in the community and to serve people. It is also a great way to know the needs of the people in the community so we can better assist them.

Out of all my serving I love the bread ministry and outreach the most. I love meeting people, praying with people, tending to their needs and helping find solutions. We break bread together and fellowship and get to know one another. It is a blessing and honor to serve those via way of bread.


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