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Contact List for Emergency Moments


 Website List 



Find specific help resources & programs

🆘 211

Get help from various social services and assistance programs in the United States and Canada. Whether you need emergency shelter, food assistance, healthcare services, counseling, or other support, 211 is your go-to resource directory. Simply search based on your location and specific needs to connect with the appropriate resources for assistance.

  • Emergency shelters

  • Food assistance programs

  • Healthcare services

  • Counseling and mental health support

  • Financial assistance programs

  • Employment and career resources

  • Utility and energy bill payment assistance

  • Legal aid and advocacy services

  • Substance abuse and addiction support

  • Childcare and parenting resources

🆘 United Way Worldwide

United Way Worldwide: Get help for improving your community and addressing social issues through United Way Worldwide. Explore their initiatives, campaigns, and community impact projects, focusing on education, financial stability, health, and basic needs. United Way collaborates with local organizations to create positive and lasting community changes, providing valuable support and resources.

  • Education programs and scholarships

  • Financial literacy and job training

  • Access to healthcare and medical services

  • Support for basic needs such as food and shelter

  • Disaster relief and emergency assistance

  • Volunteer and community engagement opportunities

  • Mentoring and youth development programs

  • Programs supporting veterans and military families

  • Services for individuals with disabilities

  • Affordable housing initiatives


Get help from various government assistance programs and benefits through This official U.S. government website simplifies the process of finding support. By answering a series of questions about your circumstances, generates a customized list of federal, state, and local programs you may be eligible for, including healthcare, housing, education, employment, and more.

  • Healthcare coverage and insurance programs

  • Housing assistance and rental subsidies

  • Food assistance Programs (SNAP)

  • Education and student financial aid

  • Unemployment benefits and job training programs

  • Disability benefits and assistance programs

  • Veterans' benefits and services

  • Social Security and Medicare information

  • Energy assistance programs

  • Childcare and family support services


Get help by connecting with local social services and support organizations through This user-friendly online platform offers a searchable database of resources such as food banks, shelters, healthcare clinics, and counseling services. Simply enter your location and specific needs to find nearby assistance, making accessing the help you require easier.

  • Food banks and free meal programs

  • Emergency shelters and housing assistance

  • Medical clinics and healthcare services

  • Mental health counseling and support

  • Legal aid and advocacy organizations

  • Employment and job training resources

  • Substance abuse and addiction treatment programs

  • Financial assistance and utility bill payment help

  • Domestic violence support services

  • Child and family services

🆘 Just Shelter

Get help and resources related to housing insecurity and affordable housing initiatives through Just Shelter. Discover valuable information, personal narratives, articles, and tools on topics like eviction prevention, tenant rights, homelessness, and more. Whether you're an individual in need, an activist, or a policymaker, Just Shelter aims to inspire action and promote social justice in the realm of housing for vulnerable populations.

  • Resources for eviction prevention and tenant rights

  • Affordable housing options and initiatives

  • Homelessness prevention programs

  • Legal aid and tenant advocacy organizations

  • Resources for homeless individuals and families

  • Shelter and emergency housing services

  • Affordable housing policy and research materials

  • Support for individuals facing housing insecurity

  • Tools for activists and policymakers working on housing issues

  • Community and grassroots organizing resources

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