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This correspondence serves as an official legal notice on behalf of Empowering Change Outreach, hereinafter referred to as "Empowering Change."


It has come to our attention that certain organizations or church entities have made references to Empowering Change, insinuating that we are affiliated with or operating as part of their respective organizations. We would like to unequivocally clarify the true nature of our organization:


Empowering Change is an independent, duly registered, and recognized public charitable non-profit organization. We emphasize that we are entirely autonomous and are not associated with, endorsed by, or financially supported by any external organizations or church entities. We operate on a self-sustained basis, and we do not serve as a reference for any other organizations or programs that may be sought by individuals in need of assistance.


This clarification is essential to maintain the integrity and transparency of Empowering Change as an independent non-profit entity, committed to our mission of empowering positive change in our community. Any suggestions or representations indicating an affiliation with other organizations or church entities are without merit and should be disregarded.


We kindly request that you cease and desist from making any false or misleading claims regarding Empowering Change's affiliation with your organization or any other entity. Failure to comply with this notice may result in legal action to protect our organization's reputation and interests.


This notice is issued without prejudice to any of our rights and remedies under applicable law.




Jim Wilson

Chairman and Founder 

Empowering Change Outreach

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