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Who can we serve today?

One of the greatest joys is to be able to serve others and doing this work with my close friends who have become family and my own family.

As usual my day starts with reading messages and responding to messages and making determinations based on available resources who we can help for that day or week. This morning was no different as I sifted through the countless messages of people needing help. This economy has wrecked havoc on the lives of many who already had been struggling and when you add in the rise of inflation, cost of food and medications and just day to day expenses it is almost as if it is creating a new class of poverty stricken and barely getting by'ers.

My youngest daughter came downstairs and saw that I was trying to organize the day and who we were going to be able to serve with what resources we had on hand. Without saying a word she went to work, sorting out non perishable items, gathering hygiene products and I watched as she prayed over each box that we assembled together. A sense of pride swelled up in my heart and a lump in my throat. I was moved beyond words with compassion as I saw her eagerness to serve others and a love and respect for those who are struggling. I wish that we were able to give out of our abundance but the truth is we often give out of our own needs. Something magical takes place when you bring your kids along and they see the struggles that others are facing and they realize that even though we may not have much ourselves we are in a much better place than most. Not as bad as some, not as good as others.

My daughter said, "Dad let's see whose lives we can make better today.....who can we serve today?" We set off to deliver Family Food boxes to several families in our area and surrounding communities that are barely getting by and most of them are on limited government assistance and or have very little resources that they are able to obtain. This is the reality for most people in small rural and often forgotten communities. People are just trying to survive.

My daughter brought a smile to many people we served today and it made my heart swell. I am so grateful for my children and their willingness to serve. I am grateful for my friends who have become family, Co-Founders who also serve endlessly and selflessly others. Their children too are serving others and work hard with many service projects. We are blessed to be able to serve others and we will continue to try and impact peoples lives for the better. One individual at a time, one family at a time.


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