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The "Last Feather"

We joined a team of volunteers to serve meals at the Salvation Army shelter. It was great having my wife and children helping us today. What an amazing experience it was to serve those displaced on the streets. Having met many of our clients and talked with them, we were able to see the impact that these meals have on not only their bodies but their spirits as well. Knowing how much it means to serve others helps us know how much God loves us and has provided for us through Christ Jesus!

While my wife and kids talked with other families and children in the Shelter and prayed with them and encouraged them, I ventured outside and served many homeless care kits to those in need. The Shelters are full several were telling me and making it difficult to find a place to lay their heads at night.

I met the nicest man, his name was "Last Feather" he was natve american and told me that he was some of the last of his people. That the tribe he belonged to are dying off and that there was no one or nothing to carry on their traditions and customs. That before long he would join the others and be part of the dust. I asked him if I could pray with him which he said it was okay and he was just thankful that I would take the time to sit next to him and visit with him. He said it can be awfully lonely out here. To show his appreciation he sang to me a native american song that talked about "Sacralice of love and serving others" It was beautiful.

This is why we serve. We love all of God's people. To know that we are making an impact no matter how small or big, just sowing love and light into other peoples lives is worth everything.

What a blessed day. We may have served all those people this day but in reality they served and ministered to all of our hearts.

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