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People need to know someone cares...

We were finishing our last minute shopping at Walmart when my son who has autism noticed an older woman sitting down on a bench near the customer service. He went over and sat down and struck up an conversation with her. Afraid that my son was bothering the sweet lady I made my way to the bench an apologized for any annoyance. The lady said, "It was no bother at all, it is just nice to know someone cares...." She then went on to tell me that my son was telling her everything was going to be okay and things would get better. She said no one has ever taken the time to offer her encouragement but that he made her day.

I think in life we take so many things for granted. For most of us we have a roof over our heads, food in the refrigerator, two vehicles or more....we may not be rich but we have plenty. There are people who do not have enough to eat, no cars to drive, no place to lay their head and call home. Most of these people feel forgotten and we all get caught up in our own busy lives that we forget that there are those who just want people to notice them and to let them know you care.

Because of this beautiful encounter with my son and his willingness to show love and compassion we found out that the sweet lady was struggling to make ends meet and she was at the mercy of people who have forgotten her. We knew what we had to do without question, we obtained her address and information and then we said our goodbyes and went home to quickly put some food boxes together and other items then made our way to her apartment to surprise her. We then spent some time visiting this sweet lady. I watched this forlorn and broken woman transform before our eyes. There was a light that returned to her eyes, a smile graced her face and a sweet and kind laughter and she told us stories of what brought her to this area nearly 60 years ago about her family who had since passed on and the incredible memories she had. We were truly the ones who had been given a gift. To listen, to love, to give, to share, to be a light for someone and to let them know that someone cares. That encounter had sparked a friendship that will last for as long as the Lord sees fit to have us here on this earth. What a blessing and all because my son was determined to let someone know that we care.


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