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"Kids what do you want to do today?" Kids, "Let's go serve and give bread"

Most kids would rather stay indoors and watch Television or play their video games and my kids are no different, they enjoy those things too. My heart is always full when I ask them what they would like to do for the day and how they would like to spend their day and their response is, "Let's go deliver bread, food boxes or find someone to serve".

I think it is important to teach our children the value of serving others even when we have little ourselves. Their is an unexplained joy that happens when you put the needs of others before yourself and serve without expectation. Relationships are built, people are ministered too and you point others to the one true Source, Christ.

We make trips to the city every week and have volunteers that pick up bread and bakery items along with our various contracts from several businesses that provide breads, day old bakery items and other products. In addition, we buy fresh bread and hand out as an opportunity to help meet a need and point them to the true bread of life, Christ. It is all about showing love one toward another without expectation and letting people know that they matter. It also gives us an opportunity to see the needs in the communities and how to better address them. We help people fill out emergency services forms for utilities, additional food sources, shelters, housing and even medical services.

We have learned that most people that grow up in the small rural areas are generational. As people move away, opportunities dwindle and people find themselves without the ability to provide adequately or even know how to obtain much needed services. As a result poverty can be generational, it can be caused by addictions, poor choices, life's circumstances or lack of education or opportunity. We try to provide at least some basic services in each area and then give them resources that would allow them to rise above their current situations that they may find themselves in.

So the other day I asked the kids, "What would you like to do today and how would you like to spend your day?" and they replied, "Let's go serve and give bread". That is what we did. My children are learning the value of serving others and putting other peoples needs first. What a joy it is to see light being shared in these often dark places.

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