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Is anyone coming?

There are many mixed emotions that one gets when serving others. There is the joy that comes from giving to others in need knowing you are trying to help meet a physical need. There is sadness when you see people struggling and hurting just to make ends meet.

We have delivered over 63 Family Holiday Food boxes and we are not done yet. Turkey or Ham, Yams, Potato's, green beans, cranberry sauce, dressing, mixed nuts you and other items to help make a holiday meal are just some of the items that we have included in our boxes. I would like to say that things are slowing down but out economy is not getting better and inflation has caused many people to stretch beyond their already tight budgets. In addition to the family holiday food boxes we are preparing Holiday To-Go Meals, turkey, dressing, yams, quick and easy take along containers to hand out to those displaced on the street. We have over 23 volunteers that have singed up to help assemble, cook, prepare as well as three local churches and their youth and adult groups helping. It is a community effort that warms my heart.

The other day while delivering holiday boxes after contacting people to let them know we would be delivering them we were running a little bit late. It takes time to load up, unload boxes at each house and we try and minister and share love while we are there but we were running late and this gentleman called me and asked in a near anxious, desperation and tear filled voice, "Are you still coming?" It nearly broke my heart. He was our last stop but the desperation in his voice and knowing he was depending desperately on the food we were giving really hit me hard. I wept on the way to their house, I wept on the way home afterwards giving thanks for the house that we have, the food that we have and the ability to serve others. People need to know that someone cares. Times are rough and that they have not been forgotten.

Serve where you are. Love where you are. If you see a need help to meet it. Try and be the person who helps point others to Christ. When someone asks, "Are you still coming, be the one to say, Yes...I am on my way!"

I would like to thank all the numerous businesses, Church Groups and Organizations in our area and surrounding areas that have partnered with us to help make this holiday a little better and brighter for all the families we serve. We have great news to announce coming up so be sure to watch our newsletter if you subscribe to our updates or be watching our blog for announcements! God is doing great things! From our Family at Empowering Change to Yours - Happy Thanksgiving with Love.

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