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Inspired to Serve

My heart overflows when we get responses from people thanking us for serving them. We do not do it to seek adoration or acknowledgement instead we genuinely want to serve to help improve the quality of peoples lives. We want to lift people up, empower them to rise above their current circumstances and to let them know others care.

We received a beautiful message from a Youth Group that has been following our Outreach and they said, "Dear Empowering, Thank you for the service you are providing for others. We (Our Church and Youth) have been watching your website and reading your blog. We started to ask ourselves, What can we do to serve? How can we get involved? After much discussion with the Youth we decided to do as your have encouraged others to Serve right where we are! We have started Monthly work projects and service projects! Our Youth is helping to put care packages (again from what you suggested) and serve those on the streets. The Youth is even serving elderly and families in our community! Your Outreach Empowering Change Outreach has truly empowered us to make a difference in our community and in the lives of our Youth! Thank you for being an example of service, love, charity, compassion and empowering others to do the same. Warmly, FBC, Houston Texas"

My heart swelled when I read this and my eyes filled with tears! It is good to know that the Youth are getting involved and helping make a difference. We could not do what we do without the generous support of others but we also realize that not everyone can donate items, give financially so we encourage others to serve right where they are. Call someone, check in on them. Help someone around their house, run errands for others, show people that they matter and have worth. Bloom right where you are planted! We are so grateful that others are inspired by our outreach and we pray that no matter where you are that you will continue to be blessed as you serve.


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