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Illinois Resources Added

Now that Empowering Change Outreach & Services have expanded into Iowa, Illinois and Kansas we have slowly been updating vital information and resources to help in those respective states obtain the resources that they need.

On our Resources tab you will find various informaiton including, addiction recovery, a list of shelters, soup kitchens, emergency support services, how to apply for SNAP and access to the applications, Medical and Low income housing.

Please take a moment to check out the resources in your State and as information comes available we will streamline it onto our site to make applying for these benefits and services easy and accessible. In addition to the online information and resources our teams when they go out and minister on the street they carry with them paper applications for those who may not have access to internet or a computer, especially those displaced on the streets.

We hope that you find this information useful and help you on your journey to self reliance.

Thank you for allowing Empowering Change Outreach to Serve you.

Please visit: for a list of Illinois Resources and services.

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