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His Love Is Deeper

I’ll never forget living bound by addiction. When I tell people this who know me today they often say, “What! I never would have thought that of you.”

That’s what freedom is - a new look. A second chance. An ability to never return again.

God saved me from radical addiction and pain and plunged me head first into radical love, healing, freedom, and grace.

No matter how deep you are into your addiction or pain, His love is deeper.

He is a better Savior than you are a sinner. (Craig Moran) Former Addict

No matter where you find yourself today - you are not alone. It's never too late for a fresh start, a new beginning. You will never be so lost that you will not find God's love. He will be there.

Get plugg even to your local church or support group. You don't have to do it Al ne. People who are committed to seeing you through to health and recovery.

While we serve Missouri by way of emergency homeless care kits, family food boxes and resources our offices in Iowa, Illinois and Kansas have resources as well. If you live outside of these 4 states contact us or your local shelter for resources. Email us if you need help in locating addiction recovery services, mental health services, shelter or food. You are going to be okay. You are loved. You are a warrior and a survivor.

Congratulations act us for resources

Check out our resources page here:

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