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Feeding even the youngest amongst us ~

A typical day for me starts with me reading a devotional, taking a walk around the farm then to the house to start assembling care packages, checking messages and seeing if there were any contacts of families locally in need or our surrounding areas. Then if there is I get to work on how to address that need, food boxes etc.

This week we not only had one woman and her family contact us but three women

about the inability to feed their newborn or formula shortages and in need of diapers. I always do my due diligence to see if they have accessed any programs like W.I.C. or Social Services Programs like the SNAP/ Food Stamps program so they have information on sources available. I was shocked to learn that these women were on programs but due to regulations or circumstances beyond their control they were not able to get a specific type of formula or there is not enough based on what they get and they are rightfully worried to death over how they are going to take care of their newborn child.

I had to venture off to 6 different stores to find the variety of items needed for these women and their children. They were so appreciative. For them this is life changing. There is no greater fear than a mother has than that of feeding her baby and wanting it to live. The fear of not having the resources or ability to provide those items was disheartening for them. I am grateful to say after numerous hours searching for specialized formula like the Similac Total Care 360 Sensitive and boxes of diapers we were able to help all three of these women and their children. We also were blessed to be able to help all three of these families (they had other children, toddlers) by providing some clothing and food boxes. It makes what we do worth it to be able to minister and serve these people in their time of need.

If you want to help by donating diapers, formula or other non perishable items you may do so and have them shipped to J Wilson

C/0 Empowering Change

25613 E 270th St,

Ridgeway, MO 64481

or you may donate through our site:

for Venmo users you may click on the donate link below.


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