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Even in Crisis - Serve

There comes a time when we are all faced with difficult challenges. I received such a call about a week ago from my sister. "Mom found dad on the floor, the ambulance is taking him to the hospital it doesn't look good, can you get here?" I live nearly a 3 hour drive away so I immediately loaded up and drove to meet them at the hospital.

While I was on my way driving through the city, I could see people on the exits in makeshift tents, under an occasional underpass or overpass and I couldn't stop thinking that even though my father was fighting right now in the hospital for his life how blessed we are to have access to medical care and services. These people on the street do not. They are fighting for their lives daily just to survive!!

Missouri Medicaid program has a downloadable form that can be filled out and mailed back to make an application for the Missouri Health Net programs. If you know someone, a family, or anyone facing a medical crisis and without healthcare services please have them or you or other trusted individual download this form by clicking the following link for an application for Missouri's Application for Health Coverage

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