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Called to a Purpose

In The Tale of Hope, we follow Raja, who was taught by his mother the truths he needed to become who he was meant to be. As a child, Raja accepted the light that filled his soul the moment he felt the call to become a Warrior of Light. However, as he grew, life gave him trials heavier than he thought he could withstand, and Raja pushed aside his promise to become a Warrior of Light. He placed stones around his heart, hiding the light that shone within. For several years, the seed of his destiny lay dormant within him.

However, one day, his mother's words would again awaken him and send him on a journey beyond his wildest imaginings.

Raja's story is a theme threaded in the souls of people everywhere. Like Raja, many of us have forgotten the truths we once accepted with ease when we had the trust and hope of a child, and we need to be reminded of who we really are. We often build walls around our hearts with each hurt or disappointment that comes to block our way, encapsulating our light and preventing us from journeying to become Warriors of Light.

How do we begin?

Raja was given a guide, RESPA the Crocodile, to remind him and to guide him on his journey.

RESPA can remind us also. In The Tale of Hope, Respa teaches, "This compass is to guide you and all those who accompany you on your journey. It is a tool of truth. To flow in the current of truth, you must be in a relaxed and peaceful state. Evaluate all that you already know, then strategize the present moment. Maintain a feeling of patience until you can, at the right moment, act in confidence. As you do this, this tool will inform you where you should go."

The principle of RESPA (Relax, Evaluate, Strategize, Patience, Act) is the key to starting our journey as it teaches us how to navigate it successfully.

Listen with us to "The Crocodile's Mission" and join Raja to meet RESPA as we ponder the words of the song: "There is power every hour in self-mastery. Combined with faith and hope, I'll face whatever comes to me. In integrity, I am free to be."

It is the first step toward becoming who you really are and toward your children discovering who they really are.

As in the story of Raja, it is time for us to meet RESPA and remember our own call to become a Warrior of Light.

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