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A family that serves together stays together ~

My family and I recently joined a team of volunteers to serve meals at a Salvation Army shelter, and it was an incredible experience. As we talked and shared meals with those displaced on the streets, we were reminded of the impact that these meals have on not only their bodies but their spirits as well. Through serving others, we are reminded of how much God loves us and has provided for us through Christ Jesus.

While my wife and kids encouraged families and children in the shelter, I ventured outside to serve homeless care kits to those in need. I met a Native American man named "Last Feather," who shared with me that he belonged to one of the last remaining tribes and that their customs and traditions were dying out. He expressed his loneliness and appreciation for my visit, and we prayed together. As a thank you, he sang a beautiful Native American song about the "sacrifice of love and serving others."

This encounter reinforced why we serve – to love all of God's people and sow love and light into their lives, no matter how small or big the impact. The experience also showed us that we may have served those in need, but in reality, they ministered to our hearts.

Serving others is an empowering way to make a difference in the world. We encourage everyone to find ways to serve in their community and spread love and kindness wherever they go. Let's continue to love loudly and empower change for those in need. #serve #salvationarmy #serveothers #loveloudly #empowering4change #homeless #homelesscarekits

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