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200 Pcs Disposable Toothbrushes and Comb Kit, Soft Toothbrushes

200 Pcs Disposable Toothbrushes and Comb Kit, Soft Toothbrushes

About this item

  • Sufficient Package: each package includes 100 pieces of bulk toothbrushes and 100 pieces of disposable combs, toothbrushes handles are mainly green, blue, yellow, red, and disposable combs are cream colored as shown in the pictures; Sufficient and practical for various occasions like bathing places, hotels and more
  • Keep Clean and Tidy: each bulk toothbrush and hair comb are individually wrapped in a clear OPP bag, clean, tidy, neat and convenient, easy for you to put in your makeup bag without having to wrap it, protecting it from getting dirty, you can use them with confidence
  • Comfortable Holding: the toothbrush bristles are standard and soft, effective for removing stains, food residues and dirt without irritating the oral condition; The disposable toothbrush handle is considerately shaped and not easy to slip off when brushing, practical for most people to hold comfortably
  • Stable and Sturdy: bulk hair combs are made of plastic material, solid and sturdy, and their comb teeth are evenly and neatly arranged; The handle features thoughtful design, comfortable and energy saving to hold, adopting cream color, showing their simpleness and beauty
  • Versatile Applications: disposable toothbrush is suitable for hotels, motels, camping, overnight, school, dorm, braces, gym, personal travel, business trips, guest room, camping, hiking and other outdoor activities, you can also donate to your favorite charity, church, shelter homeless center or relief organization, neatly packaged for easy single toothbrush distribution
  • This purchase will be shipped directly to Empowering Change to be used in Care Package distribution.
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