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'Twas the Night Before Christmas - A Homeless Version

Twas The Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, a dark doorway in a street, The homeless man lay shivering, with wet and cold feet, His stockings full of holes, hung from his damp skin, As excited young voices, were heard from within. _ He lay down his body in his cold cardboard bed, A prayer for warm blankets filling his head, Behind the door children are tucked into fresh sheets, Overwhelmed with tiredness, they settle to sleep. _ Sleep beckoned the man as his eyes slowly closed, Moments later he was awoken by noise from the road, He leapt from his home, and opened his eyes, To protect himself from any unwanted surprise. _ The moon shining bright, allowed him to see, Someone approaching, but who could it be? Astonishment followed because what did he hear? “Please take these waterproofs, because it’s going to rain, dear” _ With a spirited presence, and a smile on her lips, Her company alone, seemed such a gift, Then more presence arrived as the lady called out, And requested more gifts with every joyful shout. _ “Bring blankets, bring clothing, hot soup in a bowl, Let’s warm and give love to this beautiful soul, Come to the top of the path, to the top near the door! Be quick, we need to deliver so much more!" _ The lady then left as quick as she came, And sought people on this Eve, who needed the same, The man lay back down, feeling like Santa had been, His heart and body warm, and it wasn’t a dream! _ So please be aware as Christmas gets near, That we all have the ability to spread goodwill and cheer, Open your eyes to those that are in need, It’s Santa AND kindness in which we need to believe.

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