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Tuesday Testimonies -

Lisa's Story: Rising Above Circumstances

"Empowering Change Outreach has been a lifeline for me in my darkest times. I was broken, displaced, and struggling to make ends meet. But when I stumbled upon their weekly free bread and bakery items outreach, it was like a ray of hope pierced through the clouds of despair.

The warmth and compassion with which the volunteers served us were truly inspiring. They didn't just hand out food; they offered a sense of dignity and respect that is often lost when you're down on your luck. The family food boxes they provided became a lifeline for my children and me, ensuring we didn't have to go to bed hungry.

But what sets Empowering Change Outreach apart is their commitment to going beyond immediate needs. They didn't stop at providing food; they offered referral services for mental health programs, veteran support, addiction recovery, and so much more. They recognized that true empowerment comes from addressing the root causes of our struggles.

With their guidance, I was able to access mental health resources that helped me heal from past traumas. They connected me with programs specifically designed to assist veterans like myself, and through their support, I found the strength to overcome addiction and rebuild my life.

Empowering Change Outreach is more than just an organization; they are a beacon of hope, providing pathways for people like me to rise above our current circumstances. They believe in our potential and work tirelessly to create opportunities for us to thrive. I am forever grateful for their unwavering support and their commitment to serving the broken, displaced, and underserved in our community."

Lisa M-

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