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To serve or not to serve others?

When I first started this outreach and delivering care packages and food boxes to families it was difficult for me to understand how people end up in those situations. Then life happened and everything we had during our transition from the great state of Georgia to the Mid-West was gone. We lost everything! In the blink of an eye we went from living a life of luxury and prosperity to having less than $800 to our name, just the clothes we brought with us and whatever fit in our van. It was a difficult time and over these last few years we have been rebuilding our lives slowly but we felt this urgency and call to serve others. I learned something that when we are facing a need in our own lives the best thing we can do it to help someone meet the need in their lives. There is an unspeakable joy in serving others. There is a sense of fulfillment that only can be gained from laying aside your own wants, desires and needs and serving others. We live a lifestyle of giving and serving others. That is riches beyond anything we ever have had or ever will. What a joy it is to be able to serve. Today, find someone that may be facing a need. Even the smallest act of kindness, a phone call, a text, a couple of bags of groceries, a food box, helping with their house or yard. Great ways to serve others. Experience the riches that comes with serving others.

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