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This Soap Box is worth getting onto

When I was younger my sister would always tell me to get off my soap box. She hated it when I would elevate myself to a higher and holier position than her. I know it was wrong as a kid and the phrase, "Get off your soap box" really stuck with me.

My daughter asked me to try this new product from a company called Soapbox. You see this company is something I can really stand behind because when you purchase their products, a bar of soap is provided to someone in need either locally or abroad. You can even see where your purchase is impacting another life too by clicking on the link they provide and entering the code located in your purchase. We decided to give it a try!

Based on our code we entered this purchase is helping someone in India! What a great project and business idea! When you are out and about purchasing products for yourself or to contribute in care packages may we encourage you to purchase from the every purchase you make will help in providing a bar of soap to someone in need.


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