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There is no bread.

Sometime during the night I got up to check and make sure that I had locked the house door. On the way back to the bedroom I tripped over the cat scratch toy. My ankle hurt something fierce. I was not sure how I was going to manage delivering care packages later that morning because my ankle was painfully throbbing.

The phone rang and rang. I jumped up to get it because at 6:30 A.M. generally no one calls unless it is a dire emergency so I braced myself for the worst, "Hello?", "Hi is this Mr. Wilson or Mr. Balch?" "This is Mr. Wilson, how may I help you?" "There is NO BREAD!!!" "Excuse me mam?" "There is NO Bread!!! I just went to Wal-Mart, there is no bread! There wasn't any bread yesterday either and only a few loaves the day before, there is no bread!"

I could tell that this was causing great anxiety because to be honest at 6:30 in the morning I was having a bit of anxiety myself.

I then proceeded to do an evaluation over the phone to assess the needs of the person calling. Bread has been the only thing they could afford to get and eat so they were in dire need of a food box and when there was not any bread they were rightfully hysterical. I told them that I would work them in this morning to deliver a food box and some bread.

I jumped up and made a couple of quick loaves of bread as I did not have any in the freezer or any store bought loaves that I could give them in addition to the food box. I was barely able to hobble around because my ankle was throbbing. My son, Adam who has Autism came downstairs, "Are you okay daddy?" I told him that I had hurt my ankle. He said, "That's okay daddy I will go with you and will help you deliver food boxes today." My heart swelled right along with my ankle but instead of pain, it was with love that my children are so willing to help serve others.

We had numerous families that we dealt with today. Each had various and urgent needs, we helped those that we could and the ones that we did not have resources for we helped to locate resources and put them in touch with the right agency or person. So grateful to be able to serve others and try to bring light into someone's life in these very dark and trying times.

There is no greater joy than to be able to serve one another. To teach our children the value of service and the value of people. Each person matters. Each life matters and when it comes down to the only things you have to survive like bread and that is not available then you get a real sense of what it is to fight to survive. I am reminded that we do not live by bread alone but showing kindness and love to one another make for great side dishes.

We are not able to do the work that we do if it were not for the generous donations and support and volunteers from people like you. If you want to know how you can serve or support our outreach then visit: Support our Outreach


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