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Start somewhere. Start where you are. Keep going forward.

“Start where you are. Distant fields always look greener, but opportunity lies right where you are. Take advantage of every opportunity of service.”

Robert J. Collier

It is incredible how distracting the view over the horizon can be when there is lots of work to be done right now. The opportunity to serve exists every single day. Don’t worry about the big bright lights of the future; start precisely where you are. That’s how you get to those green fields…

What started out as serving just a handful of people in our local community has blossomed into a massive outreach. We expanded to serve NW Missouri which included our small town and adjoining small towns and communities then as we have grown we have expanded to serve the entire NW Missouri Region. We work hand in hand with various organizations to address the needs of those in our communities, those displaced on the streets and those seeking emergency services.

We started where we were. To be honest we had no idea where that was going to take us but numerous companies have joined us, numerous outreaches have joined us, collectively we have exploded onto the scene. We serve an average of 140 (That's right 140) families in the entire NW Missouri REGION. There are 114 counties in the State of Missouri and currently, in association and conjunction with other supporting agencies we serve 18 of those counties.

I once told someone that the Lord had told me to tell them, "Don't despise the small beginnings" I now understand how the Lord can take something small and turn it into a massive organization, serving those who desperately need assistance. Be sure to check out our resources page to find additional resources and help, such as WIC (Woman in Crisis), SNAP (Formerly Food Stamps) Section 8 Housing information and the like. We also have a list of active food banks and food pantries in the State of Missouri.

Check out our Resource page HERE

For a list of all Missouri Food Pantries and Food Banks Click HERE

Substance abuse or mental health assistance Click

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