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Serving is a Snap!

From time to time we get generous donations from local businesses and farmers. The other day we had such a generous donation of 40 pounds of green beans. That was several boxes of green beans. We had just finished our week delivering family food boxes so we or shall I say, I set out to quickly salvage them so that they would last until the following week to deliver in family food boxes. After consulting with several people they said the best way to preserve their freshness was to snap the ends and then freeze them. That is what I set out to do, Snap, Snap, Snap, Snap, Snap......SEVERAL hours later had 75% of them prepared for freezing. The remaining 25% we quickly assembled into family care boxes for the families we had yet to service and was able to deliver fresh, crisp green beans! I remember my mother and grandmother snapping beans and I don't think I understood how much a labor of love that was when they were doing it for us growing up. It was a labor of love for me too to be able to receive the green beans and to prepare them so others can enjoy them as well.

Grateful for even the smallest of donations and this was a HUGE blessing to many.



What a beautiful story and great reminder that we can help each other in a snap 🫰 Thank you 💞

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