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Poverty is a vicious cycle that affects communities more than individuals.

It's like being handed a backpack filled with rocks at birth and told to climb up a mountain.

The backpack weighs you down.

It makes the journey harder.

And it's not like you chose to carry the rocks.

In the same way, poverty burdens communities.

It takes away opportunities to learn, to grow, to thrive.

The result?

A never-ending cycle of struggle for generations to come.

But here's the thing:

We can't just toss people a rope to help them out of poverty.

We've got to help them take the rocks out of their backpack so that they can climb the mountain on their own terms.

What can we do?

- Create access to education

- Invest in job training

- Provide equal opportunities for all

- Support local businesses

It's not a single person's responsibility to solve poverty, but it's everybody's responsibility to work towards helping lift others up.

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