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Not everyone endures the journey-

In a recent speech by Tyler Perry, he delivered a profound message: not everyone accompanies us for the entirety of our journey. Perry likened some individuals to boosters for a rocket—once the rocket ascends, the boosters detach, incapable of reaching the same heights. They are merely part of the journey.

Indeed, some people enter our lives for a season, a reason, or a lesson. For those of us who value lifelong friendships, this lesson can be particularly challenging. Personally, I cherish friendships forged since kindergarten, holding true to the end.

During the holidays, nostalgia often sets in, prompting reflections on departed individuals. While reminiscing about joyful moments, sadness may arise, yet it's crucial to acknowledge their absence for a purpose.

Life naturally leads to the drifting apart of friendships due to personal growth disparities, envy, or stagnancy. Toxic relationships demand liberation to safeguard our well-being, even if it means severing ties with family. Though painful, such decisions propel us forward. Through the adversities of COVID and personal losses, I've learned that life persists.

Indeed, the ache may linger, but life progresses. Each day brings lessons; it's not about what life inflicts upon us, but what it offers for our growth. Are we attentive to these teachings?

So, my friends, embrace the truth: not everyone endures the entire journey, and that's alright. Your path leads to grander destinations, not meant for everyone. These are the invaluable lessons guiding us towards a brighter future.

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