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Is this useful?

“What will your life have been, in the end, but the sum total of everything you spent it focusing on?”

Oliver Burkeman

As I have written before, one of my favorite questions to ask myself when faced with an emotional response to a situation or circumstance is, “Is this useful?” It can be incredibly clarifying and helpful in focusing life’s precious energy on what is and isn’t beneficial within a particular moment. Zooming out, I am thinking through applying this same question when faced with a decision about the investment of energy towards a project, initiative, or goal.

“Is this useful?”

I guess the answer depends on whether or not you know what you are focusing on and why. In the end, how you answer this question will determine the impact your life has had on others. These are three simple words, yet they hold so much power when asked and answered.

“Is this useful?”

The Lord showed me that my focus is on serving as HE commanded me to do. It may not look like the way others may have expected serving to look like but non the less it is HIS way and to that end it is always right.

During this journey of reaching out and serving others I am learning a lot. I am learning mostly to decrease of myself and increase our efforts to point people to Him. There may be many ways to get there and that is okay. My way is not the only way of serving. We are all various parts and collectively we function fully as the body. There is no greater joy than that of serving others.

Each morning that I wake up and evaluate my day, I ask myself, "Is this useful?" "Will this touch someone's life for the better?" "How can I make a difference with what little I have?" when I start with that and ensure that my focus is serving HIS way then everything in HIS hands is useful.

Find someone you can serve today. Bloom where you are planted. Be a light for someone in darkness. Ask yourself, "Is this useful?"

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