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Here is a list of organizations and programs that provide assistance with utilities in the state of Utah:

1. Utah Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP): Offers financial assistance to low-income households for heating and cooling costs. [Utah LIHEAP](

2. Rocky Mountain Power - Home Energy Assistance Target (HEAT): Provides financial assistance for heating bills to eligible customers. [Rocky Mountain Power HEAT](

3. Dominion Energy - EnergyShare Program: Assists customers with paying their energy bills, including heating and cooling costs. [Dominion Energy EnergyShare](

4. Utah Community Action - Utility Assistance: Offers assistance with utility bills and other basic needs. [Utah Community Action](

5. Five County Association of Governments - LIHEAP: Provides energy assistance services in the Five County region. [Five County Association of Governments](

6. HEAT Watch Program: A component of the HEAT program that assists eligible households in crisis situations. [HEAT Watch Program](

7. Utah Department of Workforce Services - Emergency Assistance: Offers emergency assistance for eligible households facing utility shut-offs. [Utah DWS Emergency Assistance](

8. Utah Homeless Assistance Program (UHAP): Provides assistance to individuals and families experiencing homelessness, including support with utilities. [Utah Homeless Assistance Program](

9. Catholic Community Services of Utah: Offers emergency financial assistance, including help with utility bills. [Catholic Community Services of Utah](

10. Community Action Services and Food Bank: Provides assistance with utilities and other essential needs. [Community Action Services and Food Bank](

11. Division of Services for People with Disabilities (DSPD) - Emergency Respite: Offers emergency assistance for individuals with disabilities, including help with utilities. [DSPD Emergency Respite](

12. Salt Lake Community Action Program (CAP): Provides a range of services, including utility assistance, to low-income individuals and families. [Salt Lake CAP](

13. Utah Legal Services - Utility Assistance: Offers legal assistance and resources for individuals facing utility-related issues. [Utah Legal Services](

14. United Way of Salt Lake: Connects individuals with various resources, including utility assistance programs. [United Way of Salt Lake](

15. Uintah Basin Association of Governments - LIHEAP: Provides energy assistance services in the Uintah Basin region. [Uintah Basin Association of Governments](

Before seeking assistance, it's advisable to contact the respective organizations or programs directly to understand their eligibility criteria and application processes.

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