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Here is a list of organizations and programs that provide assistance with utilities in the state of Iowa:

1. Iowa Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP): Offers financial assistance to low-income households for heating and cooling costs. [Iowa LIHEAP](

2. MidAmerican Energy - Iowa Energy Assistance Program: Provides energy assistance to qualified low-income customers. [MidAmerican Energy Assistance Program](

3. Alliant Energy - Hometown Care Energy Fund: Offers financial assistance for heating and cooling costs to eligible customers. [Alliant Energy Hometown Care Energy Fund](

4. Community Action Agencies (CAA) in Iowa: Many CAAs provide utility assistance as part of their services. Locate your local Community Action Agency for assistance. [Iowa Community Action Agencies](

5. Iowa Department of Human Services - Emergency Assistance: Provides emergency assistance for eligible households facing utility shut-offs. [Iowa DHS Emergency Assistance](

6. Iowa Community Action Association (ICAA): Offers resources and assistance through various community action agencies across the state. [Iowa Community Action Association](

7. Operation Threshold - Cedar Valley Community Action Agency: Provides energy assistance and weatherization services. [Operation Threshold](

8. Salvation Army - Iowa Division: Offers emergency utility assistance programs to eligible individuals and families. [Salvation Army - Iowa Division](

9. Iowa Legal Aid - Utility Assistance: Provides legal assistance and resources for individuals facing utility-related issues. [Iowa Legal Aid](

10. Good Samaritan Society - Iowa Energy Fund: Assists low-income individuals and families with energy bills. [Good Samaritan Society - Iowa Energy Fund](

11. Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines: Supports various community initiatives, including those addressing basic needs like utilities. [Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines](

12. Crisis Intervention Services - Emergency Housing and Utility Assistance: Provides emergency assistance for housing and utilities. [Crisis Intervention Services](

13. Operation: New View Community Action Agency: Offers energy assistance and weatherization programs. [Operation: New View](

14. Upper Des Moines Opportunity - Energy Assistance Program: Provides energy assistance services in northwest Iowa. [Upper Des Moines Opportunity](

15. United Way of Central Iowa: Connects individuals with various resources, including utility assistance programs. [United Way of Central Iowa](

Before seeking assistance, it's advisable to contact the respective organizations or programs directly to understand their eligibility criteria and application processes.

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