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Here are some organizations and programs that provide assistance with utilities in the state of Kansas:

1. Kansas Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP): Offers financial assistance to low-income households to help with energy bills. [Kansas LIEAP](

2. Salvation Army - Kansas Division: Provides emergency utility assistance to individuals and families in need. [Salvation Army - Kansas](

3. Kansas Department for Children and Families - Emergency Assistance Program: Offers support for families facing emergencies, including assistance with utilities. [Kansas DCF - Emergency Assistance](

4. Westar Energy - Share the Warmth: Assists individuals and families with their energy bills during the winter months. [Westar Energy - Share the Warmth](

5. Kansas City Board of Public Utilities (BPU) - Project SHARE: Provides utility assistance to residents facing financial hardships. [BPU Project SHARE](

6. Community Action Agencies: Various Community Action Agencies in Kansas may offer utility assistance programs. Contact your local agency for more information. Find a local agency through the [Kansas Association of Community Action Programs (KACAP)](

7. United Way of the Plains (Wichita): Connects individuals with resources, including assistance with utilities. [United Way of the Plains](

8. Salina Area United Way: Provides support and assistance programs, including those related to utilities. [Salina Area United Way](

9. Kansas City Community Gardens - Kansas City: Offers resources and assistance programs, including utility assistance. [Kansas City Community Gardens](

10. Dodge City Housing Authority: May provide utility assistance programs for residents of Dodge City. [Dodge City Housing Authority](

11. Harvesters - The Community Food Network: While primarily a food bank, Harvesters may have partnerships or information on programs that assist with utilities. [Harvesters](

12. Kansas Gas Service - Gift of Warmth: Provides energy assistance to individuals and families in need. [Kansas Gas Service - Gift of Warmth](

13. Douglas County Emergency Assistance: Offers emergency financial assistance, including help with utilities, to Douglas County residents. [Douglas County Emergency Assistance](

14. Sunflower Foundation: While primarily focused on health, Sunflower Foundation may support programs that address social determinants, including utility assistance. [Sunflower Foundation](

15. Neighborhood Resource Center - Topeka: Provides various assistance programs, including support with utilities. [Topeka Neighborhood Resource Center](

Contacting these organizations directly or visiting their websites can provide more specific information about the eligibility criteria and application processes for utility assistance programs in Kansas.

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