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Free Vehicles, Repair, Information and Services Through "Ride" Program

If you have ever been without reliable transportation or a vehicle then you can only imagine how difficult it must be for some people to be able to get employment, maintain employment. We have found a resource that may be able to help people in need of a vehicle. Chariots4hope is an organization dedicated to helping people with low incomes obtain cars or car repairs. This program also accepts vehicle donations into their organization. Their "Ride" program helps people with obtaining the transportation they need to become more self sufficient.

Join our Vehicle Assistance Program to gain freedom in a strong community .

Our recipients need reliable transportation, and we assist them in achieving it, plus more. As a recipient, you will join a great community that partners with you for your success, learning how to be a responsible vehicle owner, walking away equipped with the tools to succeed. You will gain knowledge of car maintenance and how to purchase a vehicle in the future. During the ride program, you will become a more responsible car owner, able to make informed decisions, develop yourself for future events, and be equipped with resources to stay self-sufficient, improve your life, and grow in a relationship with Christ.

Your journey to self-sufficiency is beyond the car.

Our ride program focuses on creating a plan to provide long-term assistance for all of our recipients’ transportation needs. The ride program offers educational classes that focus on sustainability planning and resource development, basic vehicle maintenance, and a discipleship and mentorship program. Our ride program adds an extra level of accountability that helps deter individuals from returning to old habits that kept them away from self-sufficiency.

RIDE All of our vehicles are donated “as is” with no warranty to our recipients. We conduct a quality multi-point inspection, and every vehicle is brought up to safety standards. However, our inspections still do not guarantee a problem-free vehicle, especially since most of our donated cars are older models with high mileage. Every recipient who attends and completes our ride program receives a six month/6,000 mile limited warranty.

Aftercare Program Requirements All nominees must agree to the following:

  • • Orientation class

  • • Interview

  • • Drug test

  • • Must complete six mandatory classes/training

  • • Complete all classes within 30 days of receiving their vehicle. They start immediately after approval and usually wait 5-7 weeks before receiving their vehicle.

  • • 100% attendance is required.

  • • Participate in an income-based savings plan (Chariots4Hope will match 1-1 up to $250, which must be applied to car repairs and maintenance)

  • • Be in good standing with your Referring Organization.

  • • Maintain vehicle insurance

Mandatory Classes

  • • Orientation Class (Required before receiving your vehicle)

  • • Taking Inventory (1-1 personalized meeting that focuses on developing a long-term transportation plan)

  • • Building Community (focuses on the importance of surrounding yourself with a healthy community)

  • • Drive4Success (targets key components of securing and maintaining a reliable vehicle car insurance, car expenses, proper maintenance tips, etc)

  • • Check-In (1-1 with Program Advocate; time to reflect, check-in and talk through current challenges and obstacles)

  • • Defining Truth (provides a safe environment to learn what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This class provides biblical solutions to life’s greatest challenges facing our recipients.)

  • Planning For Your Future (assessment of personalized transportation plan, resource development and discusses next steps)

Chance is the enemy of self-sufficiency success. Without a plan in place, it is all too easy to “slip up” and fall back into old habits. Our Aftercare plan leaves nothing to chance.

Empowerment to self-sufficiency. A primary goal of Chariots4Hope is to empower low-income families and individuals to reach and maintain self-sufficiency through car ownership and through our ride program. We restore donated cars that meet our quality standards and award them at affordable prices to eligible families who have been referred to us by one of our Referring Organizations. Please reach out to an approved referring organization to inquire how to be referred to our program and receive reliable transportation.

To qualify for the Vehicle Assistance Program and receive a vehicle from Chariots4Hope, you MUST meet the following criteria. You must:

  1. Be referred by an approved Referring Organization.

  2. Must have participated in a Referring Organization’s program for at least 30 days.

  3. Be working, be retired, on permanent disability, or have a verifiable job offer or income.

  4. Be insurable and provide proof of auto insurance

  5. Have a valid driver’s license.

  6. Must not have a working vehicle in their household.

  7. Be financially able to cover fees for registration, tags, and title.

  8. Must fall within predetermined income levels (see below).

  9. Must have a discretionary income of $250.

  10. Agree to our ride program that includes classes on sustainability planning, resource development, discipleship, budgeting, and car maintenance.

  11. Agree to attend an orientation class, interview, and drug test.

  12. Agree to the following form of payment $500.00 ($250.00 credit is available for those recipients who complete our ride program)

Please Note: We conduct a quality multi-point inspection on each vehicle, meeting safety standards. During the orientation class, we will explain the details of our warranty.

We hope this information may be beneficial to someone in need of reliable transportation. As we become aware of programs and assistance we will post them here to keep you informed but you can always check out main website RESOURCES page by Clicking HERE for any updates and information.

If you would like more informaiton about the "Ride" program through Chariots4hope then please click HERE

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