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Educate - Understanding Homelessness and Available Services

One of the greatest ways a person can help eradicate this Homeless epidemic is through education. Below we have compiled a list of sites from the National Coalition for the Homeless that you can visit and learn more. I hope these sites are useful and that it will aid you in your decision to help in the fight to eradicate homelessness.

  • Annual U.S. Conference of Mayors Report on Hunger and Homelessness:

  • The National Alliance to End Homelessness:

  • The National Low Income Housing Coalition:

  • The National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness:

  • The National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty:

  • Homes for the Homeless/Institute for Children and Poverty:

  • National Health Care for the Homeless Council (Formerly The Better Homes Fund):

  • Universal Living Wage Campaign:

  • To find out other ways to help homeless people:

  • Follow your local news. Read your local newspaper regularly to keep abreast of what is happening to homeless and low-income people and the policies that affect them in your community.

  • Talk to children about homelessness. For book lists, video suggestions, lesson plans, and teaching materials about homelessness, contact NCH at (202) 462-4822, or email us at

  • Read. Check out some of the many books published about homelessness in America.

  • Participate in NCH’s Homeless Challenge

  • Organize a “Faces of Homelessness” panel. Through NCH’s “Faces of Homelessness” panel presentations, the voices and faces of those who have experienced homelessness personalize the issue, dispel stereotypes, inspire involvement, and serve as a training, skill building, and empowerment tool for those who have experienced homelessness.

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