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Donations to help with Kris Polson’s medical bills

Kris and Cheryl Polson are two wonderful, beautiful people facing a difficult time right now. Your prayers, thoughts and support mean a lot. Here is their story:

On Friday afternoon, October 6, 2023, Kris and I decided to head to Liberty, Missouri, for a little getaway. We had a fantastic night out, and the next morning, everything seemed normal until Kris started acting strangely while we were driving to Kansas City. He kept saying things were "bizarre" and couldn't articulate what was wrong. Concerned, I asked him to pull over, and I took over driving.

Something felt off, and when I asked Kris to recite the alphabet, he responded with "December," indicating something wasn't right. I had a gut feeling we needed medical help, so I drove straight to the emergency room in Liberty. As we checked in, Kris began drawing shapes with his finger and then suddenly had a seizure.

It was terrifying, but the medical team acted quickly, administering Ativan and running tests. It turned out Kris had COVID, which we hadn't known about. Despite ruling out a stroke and conducting numerous tests during his three-week hospital stay, including a biopsy, the cause of his seizures remains unknown.

Kris has been discharged but still faces challenges with his memory and ongoing seizures. Losing his job due to his health has been devastating. We're navigating insurance and disability, but in the meantime, we're relying on this GoFundMe to help with medical bills and expenses until long-term disability kicks in.

We're incredibly grateful for the support and prayers from our community. It's been a challenging journey, but knowing we're not alone makes all the difference. Thank you to everyone who's been there for us.

For information on how you can support these amazing and beautiful people please visit:

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