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Days for Girls

Hi! My name is Mailey Simpson and I currently lead a Days for Girls team in Cameron Missouri. Days for Girls is an international nonprofit organization that makes cloth hygiene products to send to women and girls worldwide to help give proper hygiene care to them. These products go along with full kits that include, a washcloth, bar of soap, and two pairs of underwear. We love this work and are so grateful to be able to serve and care for those who are need in of us. We accept donations such as the following items above, cotton and flannel fabric, any sewing supplies and monetary donations. We meet twice a month and would love to have YOU join us. If you don't sew or are interested to help in other ways, we have many non sewing projects! Days for Girls brings women and girls together from all over the world! To learn more, visit If you're interested in joining our team, you can contact me at 816-284-5790 or email me at

Thank you for your love, support and willingness to serve💕

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