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Clarification Regarding Our Stance on Human Trafficking and Operation Underground Railroad

Clarification Regarding Our Stance on Human Trafficking and Operation Underground Railroad

DearEmpowering Change Supporters,

In light of recent controversy surrounding Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad (OUR), we want to take a moment to clarify our position and affiliation with this organization.

Empowering Change Outreach is not personally associated with Tim Ballard, and we want to make it clear that any mention of OUR and their initiatives on our website, particularly, is for educational and reference purposes only. We do not have any direct affiliation or partnership with Operation Underground Railroad beyond using their information as a resource to help educate and raise awareness about the critical issue of human trafficking.

Our commitment to eradicating human trafficking remains unwavering, and we acknowledge the importance of supporting initiatives dedicated to this cause. We believe that organizations like OUR play a crucial role in combating human trafficking, and we wholeheartedly support the broader mission of ending this heinous crime. serves as a platform for information and resources related to our outreach and services. The inclusion of OUR's information is intended to provide valuable insights into the fight against human trafficking. We hope that this resource, along with the numerous resources available on our website, can be powerful tools for those seeking help, assistance, or wanting to inform and empower themselves and others.

Our primary focus is on serving the broken, displaced, and underserved in our communities. We believe that by spreading awareness and knowledge about human trafficking, we can contribute to the collective effort to end this injustice.

We appreciate your continued support and understanding. Together, through education, awareness, and action, we can truly make a difference in the fight against human trafficking.

Best regards,

On behalf of, Jim Wilson

Chairman and Founder

Empowering Change Outreach and Services

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