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Ways to make a difference this summer

Summer is almost here and in Missouri it gets hot. Really hot. We not only serve and minister to those who are displaced on the streets but we also help address the needs of families who are struggling at home. One of the most essential things for summer is to stay cool, stay hydrated and stay out of the elements, (rain, heat, etc.)

One of the ways you can help this summer is do a donation drive to help raise funds or donations for fans, bottled water, rain ponchos, tarps, tents, non perishable food items. These things may seem small but in reality they can be life changing for many families who are struggling just to get by. Not having the ability to stay cool in deadly heat is essential. Not having access to drinking water to stay hydrated could mean the difference between life and death for many people. Not having adequate food to eat, shelter all these things can make a difference in a person's ability to survive in these difficult times. Get involved! Be mindful of the people around you and their struggles. If you see a need and have the ability to meet it then make an effort to serve someone today by helping meet their need. You can be the difference in someones life today.

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