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All sorrows are less with bread ~

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”

Mahatma Gandhi

By far this is my favorite part of the outreach. You would think it is because I am not doing the countless walking on the streets as we do our homeless care package delivery or carrying heavy boxes to peoples homes, no it is because we are providing on of the simplest but most needed staple items for FREE! Approximately every two weeks we are out and about setting up free bread and bakery items for the local communities as we receive our items. We start in our local community, then venture out to the next one and then the next one until all items are gone. The thing with bread is you have to give it away quickly and while we like to include it and we do include it in the family food boxes we get truck loads of it so if it is not distributed and we can not freeze it then it has to be given and we always have an abundance of bread or bakery items. Breads, cereals, would think that not much can come from bread but we have people that will sit down and tell us their story or their journey and it is wonderful way to build relationships. We serve without expectation. We do not expect or want anything in return except to love one another and if we could ask for anything at all we would ask that you pay it forward, you be a light for someone else and know that by doing so you are showing others that God loves them. God cares about their needs and we do too.

As you can see we always have people lining up to help and/or get bread. Our last run we gave out 73 Loaves of white bread, 50 loaves of wheat, 8 Mini Muffins, 10 boxes each of cereal Honey nut and regular, 26 bagels various types and many other items. This brings community together while helping to meet a simple and basic need. Want to get involved or contribute to our bread outreach, family food boxes or homeless care kits? Then visit HERE or email us at

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