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9 States that Give Renters a Tax Credit

The following information may be useful to know if you live in any of these 9 States listed below 👇👇

The 9 States that Give Renters a Tax Credit:











Who qualifies for renter’s tax credit?

While every state’s income requirement differs from the next, several rules remain consistent across all states:

  • You must rent some type of residence, such as an apartment, co-op, condo, trailer, or duplex. 

  • You must be the person legally responsible for paying the rent on that residence in order to claim the credit. Some states require applicants to be the leaseholder on the residence.

  • You must be a current resident of the state in which you rent an apartment, home, or another housing unit. Some states will require that those who take the renter’s tax credit live in the state for the entire tax year for which they would receive that credit. 

  • You must also file your own tax return in order to qualify for a rent tax credit. You can’t be claimed as a dependent on someone else’s tax return or receive more than 50% of your living expenses from another person. 

  • The landlord of the property being rented must also be paying property taxes. You may not know what your landlord is paying, but you can always request this information from the landlord. If your state requires a rent certificate to be provided with your tax return, your landlord can provide this for you.

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