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Adopt a Family 4 Christmas

We realize the rising costs just to get by.  That is why we are starting early with our Adopt a Family to give people an opportunity to sponsor an individual or an entire family for Christmas without putting financial strain on those willing to give so that others may experience hope this Christmas.  If you would like to sponsor an individual or family please download the form below and  email it to or Fax:  855-232-9776

How much does it cost to sponsor an individual or family?

It is suggested that if you choose to adopt and individual/child the suggested donation of $100 per individual, $250 per couple and $500 for a family of 3 or more.

Can I purchase a few gifts and donate?

Yes.  We know that not everyone has the ability to donate large sums of money or can sponsor the suggested amount per individual or family.  If you would like a list of items that you want to purchase for selected individuals or families please contact us for information on how to purchase single items and donate.  Please email:

Can I donate money?

Yes.  If you prefer you can donate money and or gift cards that we can either upon your request give to the family or can purchase items on your behalf.  We have made it easy to donate.  Please visit our donation page for more information:  I want to donate.

Can I volunteer?

Absolutely!  We are always looking for volunteers and will need many volunteers for this program and the other programs that we have going on.  In addition to the Adopt a Family program we also do Homeless care kits, family food boxes and provide emergency support services.  For more information on how to get involved email us at 

Can we purchase food?

Yes.  Non perishable food items can be purchased as well as other food items.  Holiday food  boxes are usually given to the families being adopted as well as families struggling in our area and surrounding areas.  Items such as Turkeys, Ham, Cranberry sauce, Pumpkin, Stuffing etc...are all items that we try and include.  If you are interested in supporting a family Holiday Food Box the cost for a Holiday Box averages $65 per family of two, for a family of 3 ore more we spend an average of $100. For more information please contact us

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