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Hitting the Streets & Serving in the Wee Hours

It's nearly 2 A.M. ( October 17th) and I can't sleep. The Spirit is stirring me. I am worried about the people we serve on the streets. I am feeling an incredible strong prompting to go. It's so late my normal volunteers that would go with me are fast asleep and no one is answering. It's literally below freezing and will be freezing overnight the next couple of evenings. . I've gathered several of the throw/ blankets, hand warmers, gloves, hats, socks, that we have on hand along with emergency heat blankets and ponchos. En route to the city....I've got to make sure people are okay....I've made two thermos of hot cocoa and a thermos of hot chicken broth.....I'm literally in a panic for them and my heart is hurting for them tonight....please keep me lifted in prayer that we can help.

For many people that find themselves without a place to lay their head or a shelter/ barrier from the elements in this crazy Fall/Winter weather the services that we provide and others are essential and can mean the difference between life and death.

We realize that not everyone can help financially or go out in the streets at 2AM and serve because the reality is that life happens and it happens to all of us for various reasons. We understand that and even just as important as giving physical food, helping provide shelter to those displaced is your prayers. We could not do what we do if we did not have people committed to praying for us, giving us encouraging words and loving us right where we are.

Thank you for making a difference and blooming right where you are planted. You matter. We love you and we are so grateful for your support, love and prayers.

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