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People are being bought, sold and exploited for sex. It is happening in our town, our communities and even in our homes. Missouri is ranked third in the US for human trafficking cases.

World wide Millions of men, women and children are forced into slave labor or sex trafficking each year. Right now there is an estimated 150 million people being sold into this modern-day slavery worldwide. The traffickers (the suppliers) who use fear and violence to force people into bonded labor/slavery systems are who we are targeting in efforts to rescue those people who have been exploited into sex trafficking.

Sex Trafficking in Missouri is a growing problem. Displaced on the streets and homeless, victims of Sex Trafficking are often found among us. As our teams go out and minister on the street there is an ever growing number of youth, run-aways that have taken to the street and far too often fall victim to this ongoing pandemic.

On Average in the United States, 1 in 6 girls are victims of human trafficking. Victims are often kidnapped, beaten and raped by their captors and forced to be prostitutes under threat of violence. The average age of a trafficked girl is 13.

Children and even young adults who leave home and find themselves living on the streets are open targets to these predators who take advantage of these children.

Our organization is taking active steps to educate and eradicate human trafficking. We have joined with other community programs in partnership to reach and educate as many people as possible. One such program is The Child Liberation Foundation and Operation Underground Railroad both programs are dedicated to educating and eradicating child sex trafficking and exploitation of humans.

I wish that we did not have to see the things that we do when we go out on the streets but the reality is that it is an ever growing problem and unless people are educated and aware of what is going on it will only continue.

Together we can make a difference. Click on the programs above, educate yourself, learn how to identify sexual exploitation and trafficking. Learn what you can do to help prevent or rescue others from this horrific pandemic. Together we can help end child trafficking.

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